I’m not keen on formal bios, so I’ll make this short... 
I started off as a designer, and worked with some wonderful agencies in Boston, NYC and SF. Then I fell in love with photography and shot campaigns for Stetson, Scion, Southwest Airlines, and a few companies whose names don’t begin with the letter “S”.
Around my 37th birthday, I decided to apply the skills I’d learned to my own company. So I raised some money, built a team of talented folks, and together we launched Arcivr, Ceremony, Storyline, Artifact and a few other bits and bobs.
I’m not currently taking design and photography commissions, but I love talking about products, bikes and skateboards. Wait, you do too? Let’s chat!
* It’s quite possible that you stumbled on this page while searching for my wonderfully talented wife — the journalist and author Holly Korbey. Or Meat+Bones, my old design company. Or by pure, dumb luck. Either way, hello.